14 februarie 2012

The Pilkington Ratiu Business School

The Pilkington Ratiu Business School is unique and has been created in order to bring top academics from around the world to the region. Our faculty is drawn from some of the most prestigious schools including Harvard, INSEAD, Columbia and Wharton. Their inspiring passion for teaching and diversity in cultural backgrounds will guarantee a rich intellectual experience.

The Pilkington Ratiu Business School offers a rare opportunity for participants to study the most compelling issues in today’s complicated world. With the experience and insights gained through our 18 months EMBA program, participants will develop and polish the skills needed in multinational settings, increase their value to innovative organizations worldwide and, not least, maximize their personal contribution to society and the future. The school also focuses heavily on financial and strategy skills, which are essential for business success.

In addition to learning from faculty, our students will learn from the company project integrated into the curriculum, from the various top business speakers who are invited to each module, and from each other.

We look forward to welcoming you to our network, as the first pioneers of an innovative venture.

Our mission is to construct a leading regional business school

We have embarked on a mission to construct a leading regional business school, based in Bucharest, Romania. The Ratiu Family and the Pilkington family, as initiators, are calling on all those interested to coalesce around this bold and innovative project. Whilst both families trace their history to 1200, the business school is about the future of this part of the world, Eastern Europe, the Community of Independent States and partially the Middle East. This area has an urgent need for a business school which embraces strong ethical principles and social responsibility, but is at the same time in the geographically accessible location.

Academic partnerships with top business schools from Europe and US

Academically, we have assembled a strong line-up of courses, beginning with an Executive MBA starting in January 2012 and will continue with a full-time MBA beginning in January of 2014. We have already confirmed participation of a faculty member of Harvard Business School, Mr. Andrei Hagiu, who will teach Strategy and Technology. We have also signed an academic partnership with Ashridge College, the leading UK business school. We are also benefitting from support of the World Bank in Romania, through the participation of the chief economist, Mr. Catalin Pauna, who will be teaching the managerial economics course. Finally, and crucially, we have secured a partnership with INSEAD which will see several professors teach key courses within the EMBA in Bucharest.

Corporate support from multinationals and chambers of commerce in Romania

At corporate level, we are assembling behind the project a coalition of chambers of commerce in Romania and a very strong support structure in the board, which is London-based. The British Romanian Chamber of Commerce will be present through Lord Lamont, the Honorary Chairman, who joins the board as honorary member and Mrs. Alexandra Gatej, the president of American Chamber of Commerce in Romania, who is also a strong supporter of the project. We are approaching select multinationals who want to participate in the project by sending one of their top talents to join this project


Adding value to education

Pilkington Ratiu Business School is about international management education of the highest quality: the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills that foster professionalism, social engagement, prosperity and excellence in leadership.

Looking at the bigger picture

A rich and rewarding life usually combines varied platforms and interests. Our model of management education applies to all management arenas - public, private and social. When our lives are richly involved in many different aspects of society, our commitments feed off and complement each other, creating valuable synergy.

A unique learning experience

PRBS puts a strong emphasis on demonstrated excellence, academic ability and leadership potential. Our international faculty, representing top business schools such as Harvard, INSEAD, Columbia and Ashridge, is committed to delivering a unique teaching/learning experience.

Shaping the future

We aim to provide first-rate international management education for future business, NGO and public sector leaders wishing to work in the region. PRBS will contribute significantly to the area’s economic development, prosperity and civic engagement, as well as the consolidation of democracy. Business activity has proven to be more effective than donor-aid programs alone in stimulating development and enriching the quality of life.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for Pilkington Ratiu Business School EMBA program one must hold at least a BA or its equivalent from a recognized university in Romania or abroad. For the application process, applicants have to provide the Admission Board with scanned copies (PDF format) of your transcripts from each college and university attended as a registered student. Once accepted, the students will be required to provide the official transcripts. Successful candidates should be able to demonstrate leadership in their career as well as their capacity for further growth. Ideally, they will have at least 5 years of work experience in a management position.

Application requirements

For your application to be considered for PRBS EMBA program, you must submit together the following application materials no later than February 28th, 2012:

o 2 recommendations

o Your current resume (including one photo)

o Transcripts from all universities attended

o The complete application form

o The receipt for application fee of €75.

Board of Advisors

· Norman Stewart Hughson Lamont, Baron Lamont of Lerwick - Honorary Chairman of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

· Nicolae Ratiu -Director Regent House Properties

· George Iacobescu - CEO Canary Wharf Group

· Martin Pilkington - Partner in L.E.K Consulting


· Michael Mavaddat – Wharton

· Jean Claude Larreche – Professor of Marketing at INSEAD

· Andrei Hagiu – Associate Professor HBS

· Paul Evans – Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD

· James Teboul– Emeritus Professor of Operations Management at INSEAD

· Youssef F. Bissada– Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD

Business speakers

· Petru Vaduva – CEO Tiriac Holdings

· Dr. Sham L. Bathija - Senior Economic Advisor to the President, Afghanistan

· Bogdan Ciobotaru – Vice President Morgan Stanley


Florin Grosu

Associate Dean

Tel. +40 747 222 228

[email protected]


Piata Unirii, no.1, Cluj-Napoca, 40015, Romania

Tel. +40 372 775 931

Fax. +40 364 813 791

[email protected]


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