6 aprilie 2013

Chuck Norris vs Communism

The fundraising campaign for Chuck Norris vs Communism went live on April 2.
Produced by Vernon Films in co production with Kloos & Co in Germany, 4Proof Film in Romania and WMM in North America.

Chuck Norris vs Communism tells the story of the transformation of a nation through a seemingly small act of resistance. In the 1980s, Ceausescu’s Romania became the most Stalinist regime of the Soviet bloc.
At the same time, hidden from the scrutinising eyes of the Secret Police, Irina Nistor dubbed over 5,000 foreign blockbusters that entered Romania illegally.

They turned Irina's voice into a symbol of freedom, Chuck Norris, Van Damme and Bruce Lee into national heroes and allowed a whole country to subvert a brutal regime.

The filmmakers have worked tirelessly over the last few years to bring to life a story that they love, a story about the magic of cinema, people's fight for freedom and a story that will give people a fresh insight into Communism and the Eastern bloc.

The film is nearly complete but they need you to get over the finishing line! So, they have set up a campaign page where you can make pledges and become a part of this film.
Follow this LINK http://igg.me/p/310640/x/10693 for the crowdfunding page where you will find an array of exciting rewards including the chance to become an animated character in the film!

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